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What users are saying?

Here are some Comments & Reviews received from our Happy users! Feel free to drop as a message of appreciation, mention your location too! :)

"I must say.. Well done on your service, it worked like a dream in middle east." Thank you, John H. South africa

"Do need to mention though.....Very happy with the service, it\'s superb, so nice to be able to access UK TV podcasts like BBC iplayer etc., legally, clearly and smoothly..... ;-)" Best regards Malc USA

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m back from Middle east. Congratulation it worked well especially in the UAE we had many “blocked” internet pages and programs (like Skype); since theses platforms are mandatory for the communication to the rest of the world I was very happy to have VPN. Thank you." Carsten, Germany

"Greetings from the Middle East! I just wanted to drop a short note and thank you for your services. In the year I’ve been here about 12 of my coworkers have also setup VPN accounts with you as they have been impressed with how well mine works and how I have no problems with it. Many of them have had other VPN accounts elsewhere and were having constant problems. It has always worked for me and even works with my IPod Touch." Best Regards, Mike from USA

"We have been living in Oman and using your service for over a year now. It has been very helpful in keeping in touch with our family! Clare and michael form New zealand.

"Dear sales, The service has been outstanding. I am moving out of China today and I no longer need VPN access. Thank you." Vesi from Norway

"Your service has been outstanding for us, and we will consider your service again should we ever need it." Thanks, Joseph

"Hello! I am now moving to Europe. I was very happy with your VPN service. Worked great in the middle east" Phillip from Australia.

"Dear Sir/Madame, Service was of great benefit during recent travels to Abu Dhabi and I look forward to re-activating again at some future date. Thanks again for this service." John Ireland

"Hello, I'm not computer savvy and I found your tutorials very easy to follow and I was online within 10 minutes." Best, Luke in china.

"Interesting that I spent several hours with another VIPN service and it never did work and error messages is all I accomplished for all the time programming and downloading. With your service, it took me 5 minutes and every point worked with simplicity and tunneled right into the internet anonymously right here in Censorship City Dubai... many thanks!" Thomas, UAE

"Thank you for the VPN service. I have already introduced your website and your reliable services to a couple of friends.Last but not least, your support and assistance have always been great, for which I thank you again." Warm regards, Shahram canada

"I'm not computer savvy and I found your tutorials very easy to follow and I was online within 10 minutes and accessing blocked sites in China." Best, Luke

"Service was of great benefit during recent travels to Abu Dhabi and I look forward to re-activating again at some future date. Thanks again for this service." Regards

"Moving back to Europe, was very happy with your service. Worked great in the middle east." Phillip from Australia.

"Your service has been outstanding in UAE, will consider your service again should we ever need it". Joseph

"The service has been outstanding. I am moving out of China today and I no longer need VPN access." Thank you. Vesi from Norway

I appreciated Your service and will be happily signing up once more if I encounter similar problems in the future while in UAE. Kind regards, Ralf from GERMANY

"I have been living in Oman and using your service for over a year now. It has been very helpful in keeping in touch with my family!" Clare and Michael from New zealand.

"We are no longer overseas and wanted to say thank you! You provided a much needed and reliable service for a very reasonable price! Thanks again, Very happy customer". Hamad Abu Dhabi, UAE

"I recently purchased one of your VPN products for use in the UAE and am finding it very accessible. The setup instructions were very clearly laid out and easy to follow" Struan uae

"Hello, I have found your services to be very satisfactory for watching US TV networks like NBC, FOX, ABC etc and would like to extend the service" Robert in the Philipines.

"After receiving the welcome email, I read through the details and thought to myself that this is not going to be easy. I went through the process of setting up a vpn on my laptop and in less than 5 minutes, I was done and connected!! I tried using Skype, Msn, Yahoo & others and they worked fantastically the first time itself!! Thank you for your detailed information and service. Its is indeed well appreciated" Kaushik, Muscat Oman

"I have been subscribed to your UK vpn service for almost 1 year now to watch BBC Iplayer from abroad. I have to say that I have been EXTREMELY satisfied with your service. I feel that it has been excellent. David, sweden

"Wonderful and affordable service. It cost me less than a meal at Pizzahut! I was able to bypass internet restrictions in the middle east, access blocked sites & use Skype" Thanks Again, Jimmy

"Thank you very much for this service. It was extremely valuable to me and worked perfectly during my stay in Belize. I have told my colleagues in Belize about your service." Lori, Belize

As a long term user of your service particularly being based in the Middle East I have always appreciated your ability to connect me to the rest of the world. Your rapid and helpful response is why I continue to stay with VPNAccounts... you guys are the best... You are responsive, informative, educational, helpful and always have a solution... William, Egypt

Good day, I had great experience using your service, Salim, Saudi Arabia

I use German and Hongkong VPN. Both work very well from China, with the Hongkong one even better, as the connection time is very fast. Just want to let you know that everything works very well. Thank you! Best regards York

"WOW... took me about two minutes to configure after getting your email... which only took about fifteen minutes from paying online... and I am now up and making skype calls back to Canada from the UAE.... you saved my butt and thanks so much!! (You can quote me on that!!)" -- Howie

"Many thanks for all. Your services were really great. I don't work abroad anymore. Return to France where web access is not restricted... what a pleasure!... Very best regards." Stephane TUNISIA!

"Thank you for all the support and assistance your provided and the service was excellent. Thanks again", Justice Schmidt

This has been a fantastic service - one which has allowed me to keep in touch with friends and family whilst working abroad. Yours faithfully, Jonathan OMAN

I have been using this VPN service now for 3 years and listening to other people out in Dubai who have problems with theirs, I know I have the best. Any support I need has been given promptly and efficiently. I have recommended this to many people. A life line for me for British TV and skype. Well done to the team. A fantastic product. Denise, UAE

"Thanks a lot for ur big support. Any times I need again a VPN account, I'll be lucky to come back to U. many thanks for all." Ursula, Egypt

"Thanks for great service. I was working overseas for a number of years and was totally satisfied with your service during that time." Thanks Again, Scott

"Just want to say thank you. I am in Dubai and your VPN service is ABSOLUTELY GREAT. I can now use 100% of my Skype service." Peter , UAE

"My personal thanks to you for the great customer service support and Pimus for offering the incredible service for ex-pats. You have have no idea, how happy I will feel by talking to my family via VoIP in US." God bless! Safdar

"I had a great year with your VPN service – secure, safe, and clandestine. Thanks for the reliable connection and excellent customer service." Happy user in Ethipopia

"We tried your product in Belize and it worked like a charm. We were very happy with the service. Many other residents and tourists saw us using your service and were amazed and asked us how we were making calls. They all wanted to know how they could obtain the service. We will use your service again when we need it.
Thank you very much for your professional support and your great product." Steven S. USA

"Your service is excellent so far just amazing!" Moaz UAE

"Time to cancel, I was satisfied with your service. Thanks for a sense of freedom ;)" Christian, China

"I am moving back to the UK and will not need to use a ‘VPN’ anymore. Your product and quality of service have been excellent." Peter dubai

"Thanks very much. Its been a great service and was an absolute life saver while we were in Belize! We'll be in touch again at the end of the year. Thanks" Naomi, USA

"I have been very happy with the service and will definetely return as a customer when I go abroad again. Thanks in advance." Jakob, Thailand

"Hi, I am currently subscribed to a vpn account with you and am enjoying it greatly. Thanks!" Andy, Canada

"Your service is WONDERFUL and I will certainly use it again next time I travel to the Middle East. Have a great day. Matthew"

"Skype has been blocked in Abu Dhabi so I googled "unblock Skype" and came up with this web site. I subscribed today and within 1 hour the E-Mail with the un-blocking details were back, and I am back on Skype, great service for a small charge, compared to my phone bill. Thanks to all at VPN" Keith, UAE

"Just want to thank you all for making it possible to access the web freely while i was travelling in Asia especially in China." Simon, Canada

"I am a recent user of Vpn accounts & work in Dubai & here many websites are blocked & by using VPN services that helped me a lot without lowering my download bandwidth. That's a big plus & can now surf freely & anonymously on the net. Thanks you. Nivhans UAE"

"I was not sure it will work because i tried several other providers but was unable to connect and use the service. I was surprised and happy to have decided to try one more last time! :) Maybe it was just a matter of configuration and your support team helped me get connected " Henrik, Oman

"I can finally call my friends and family via VoIP which was not possible due to ISP block on voip signal. Your service has saved me a lot of money in no time! Keep up the great work" Fernandez, Belize

"VPN has made surfing so much more fun!" Karim, UAE

"I always thought that a firewall and a virus protection program like Norton would provide full privacy protection. VPN has added to privacy by securing the connection between my computer and destination :)!" Costas, Greece

"We were skeptical at first but now i couldnt be happier ;). Thanks for the service you provide!" Maryam & Amir, Iran

"Being a tourist in UAE I felt so frustrated not being able to access the sites i normally do and most annoying was not being able to use Skype to make calls back home. Instead i had to pay outrageous calling rate using a regular phone insteat of VoIP. Hope more find out about the service." Benjamin, Germany

"Using a VPN connection I no longer worry about my privacy and security issues while sending and receiving information online as a result of the new IPRED Law in effect :)." Martin, Sweden

"Excellent, I wish I knew earlier and saved on phone calls. Also i can now avoid the great firewall of china! Thousand thanks to you!" Foreigner in China

"Just a quick line to mention that you guys rock! I already told 3 friends." York, UAE

"It is great to be able to watch my favorite shows on TV as i used to when i was back home in the US! Thanks for making it all possible" Jerry, United Kingdom

"I actually heard about logs kept by isp and I didnt want to be under the eye of "Big Brother" so I searched on google and found you. Happy that i did. Using it has put my mind at ease. Your server has gone down once or twice but that was just a temporary hardware glitch as you put it." Bertil, Sweden

"Just want to say that I apreciate all the supoprt I have received in setting up the VPN. I realise now it was not that hard a task to set up the VPN Account! :) It is definetly useful to me" Yang, China

I'd Never Enjoyed Using the Internet Before I started Using VPN Simply Because It's Safe And Protects You From Hackers And ISPs' Control..Weldone.." Moha'd A. Dubai UAE

Some Benefits our VPN Service will offer you:

Be Anonymous

What happens online, stays online!

Unrestricted Net!

Visit any site you want. We unblock all sites

Secure Connections

If you surf at wifi net hotsopost, secure it.


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