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Netherlands Free VPN

Netherlands IP Address!A netherlands FREE VPN service is basically an account that would allow you to connect to a server in the Netherlands. Once connected you will be assigned an IP address from the Netherlands and all traffic will be encrypted via PPTP or L2TP IPsec encryption. You will still need an internet connection.

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Is VoIP blocked at your location? You could be paying 2 US cents per minute to call USA, Canada or Europe once you unblock your voip application. You can then use programs such as Skype to make cheap international calls from your computer to any phone (landline or mobile) in the world using the internet! Get ready to save a lot of money on long distance calls if you live in UAE, Oman, Belize or another country in which Skype is not working.

All connections offer security, Privacy & an Anonymous connection to the web.!

Peer to Peer (or "P2P") Bit Torrents file sharing programs are not permitted on the servers. The end result is a better, cleaner network